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"We are dedicated to bringing our expertise and knowledge of  each of the premier wine regions we visit, to help create the perfect wine tour experience for you and your guests" - Sammy

Sammy's Facts & Bio

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Monterey Guided Wine Tours

My wine knowledge and wine making experience is well rounded. As a laboratory technician, during the 2010 harvest season, I helped evaluate grape juice, and followed up with laboratory testing through various stages of wine fermentation.  I also was part of a 2 acre vineyard co-op in the Saratoga foothills where I helped produce 7 barrels of private stock wine each year.  I have developed associations with local Monterey vintners and tasting rooms for the past decade, while creating close connections and friendships in order to create exclusive wine tour experience's for my guests. 

Our newest venture “Monterey Guided Wine Tours” and "Limo Monterey" are part of a plan that would tap into the growing popularity of the Monterey County wine region.  With Wine Enthusiast magazine naming Monterey as a 2013 Top 10 Wine Destination in the world.  Monterey will become one of the top wine producing and touring areas in the nation.

We are now happy to offer Cannabis Farm Tours as part of your wine tour experience!

I have lived in the Monterey County for over 20 years, living in the city of Monterey for the past 17 years.  I'm passionate about living and doing business in this fabulous and dynamic part of the country.

 The FAQ's

                Q: What kind of car will we be in?

A: Monterey Guided Wine Tasting Tours have several choices in cars. Packages one, two, and three rates are based on a Lincoln Towncar.  We can tailor a package to meet your group’s needs and size; we have stretch limousines and party buses that can accommodate as many of your closest friends you want to bring! We also offer great corporate events.

                Q: What types of Wines will we taste?

A: Prior to your tour date Sammy will get some information from you about your wine preferences and then tailor a wine tasting excursion that will best meet those tastes.

                Q:  Can we call the shots on where we would like to stop for wine tasting?

A: Absolutely yes! Sammy will take your lead on any of the great vineyards and tasting rooms. Your wine happiness is his business!

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